Today I watched the documentary Before the Flood. I felt a deep sadness spread through my body, I felt empowered, I felt ashamed but mostly I felt a push for change. I had this desire to make a difference, to educate myself and help enlighten others. There are so many important issues happening all around the world right now, today more than ever. With the current state of The United States and my own country The United Kingdom, it seemed ironic that both countries had never been more divided. It’s hard to prioritise when each issue is equally as important as the last. We all have a place in this world, we are all entitled to equal rights, despite particular presidential opinions. We are all important. Yet, the planet is perishing before our own eyes and people remain blind to the issue. As though it’s something they can’t quite reach, some distant matter of contention that doesn’t entirely effect them. I’m guilty of being naive to it all. But the sad thing is, if we don’t take accountability and responsibility for this beautiful world we live in, we will destroy it.

You can pretend that this doesn’t effect you, pretend it doesn’t matter because after all the world can’t be destroyed can it? It’s a good old case of you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. The planet can be destroyed, and it will happen if we don’t make changes today. Just because it isn’t a direct threat to you right now doesn’t mean it won’t have a colossal effect on your future and the future of your family and children. Ask yourself what kind of future do you want for them? Let’s make a decision to combat these issues together. In the times of crisis, great things can be born if we allow it. We still have our right to free will, let that free will do wonderful things.

Together we are stronger, together we can make a difference.


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  1. Gillian Wright says:

    I do believe we should look, see and feel what is happening around us. I love your passion to want to change and what you wrote, not just for today but for our children and grandchildren for future genetrations. People today are too busy rushing here there and everywhere they forget to stop look around and see the beauty in the simple things in life. It’s time to make that change let’s hope people get behind you and make a difference.
    You are an inspiration and an amazing person keep up the good work.☺😀
    Love it.


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