Where do your strengths lie? Is it your quick wit, your determination or how you prevail from every situation with a smile. Is your strength in the brush strokes of your paintings, the stories you compose or your intellectual mind. Whatever it may be, my question is how do you put those strengths to use? You have so much power running through your veins, do you ever use it to do good or to make a difference?

With recent political events developing at an extortionate rate, the world is divided and instead of taking steps forward to make the world flourish and become a better place we seem to retrogress. What strikes me as amazing is how we can unite in times of crisis, protesting for rights and crucial causes – things which should already be accepted and considered normal. All the talents, power and strength you possess can be used to make a difference. You might think but I’m just one person? How can I have any influence on others? The thing is often we don’t realise our own potential and what we are capable of. Wether you make a film, organise an event, write a letter or bake a cake. You becomes we and we becomes us and together we can evoke change, together we can make a difference.


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  1. Maxamillion says:

    You have made me question myself, what could i do to make a difference in this life, from just saying good morning to someone, opening a door, and to look at myself in a positive light, seeing the good, keeping positive ,choosing positive language like I can and I will instead of carn’t and don’t thank you if we all did a little each day, together we can make bigger and better changes, so what are you waiting for, happy days good luck and thank you.


  2. sarahtheguru says:

    I find your writing truly inspiring, and I hope you continue to write


    1. Thank you so so much, you have no idea how much that meant. I wish you all the best of luck and happiness in the future! p.s please keep writing too because your work is so beautiful

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